Our loyalty platform acts as a driving force to help you conceptualise, design and implement customer-centric loyalty, membership and reward programmes as effective business strategies for customer acquisition and retention. These programms, combined with our expertise in loyal marketing, help you engage with your customer better. This imporves customer lifetime value while accelerating revenue growth and reducing cost.

AutoLoyal adds value to your business through:


Customer Retention

Customer Acquisiton

Effective and Engaging Communication

Data Automation

New and Repeat Business

The Process AutoLoyal follows to help you optimiSe your Business Performance

AutoLoyal will also help you manage your customers and dealerships better:

  • Richer Customer profiling information
  • Points earn and redemption on the platform
  • Customer transaction history
  • Customer one-view
  • Dealership performance reporting
  • Program tiering capabilities basis customer
  • Complaint management
  • Referrals and re-purchase generation from customers