As auto players understand the power of data the process of gathering and creating more data but, as we create more data, we will have to deal with bad data and data silos. If data management is not tackled, then we have a “garbage in – garbage out scenario”.

AutoInsight is a tool focusing on advanced visualization not available on the existing commercial products in the market the tool capabilities include:




With advanced analytical capabilities, AutoInsight enable teams to have the capability to create forecasts, predictive/prescriptive analytics and other high-end statistical models. InsightView integrates R programming which is a powerful open source statistical modelling software. Customised and requisite reporting templates are created for informed decision making needs.

AutoInsight is a very grounded data management solution that can help in improving data cleanliness, data unification and processing.

Any data source

AutoInsight has the ability to connect to any type of database, it can connect to web sources and flat files that contain data

Custom development

Domain specific solutions developed and delivered

Rapid import

AutoInsight has the capacity to process millions of data points on a daily basis

Schedule data import

Using the AutoInsight data scheduler, importing data from transactional systems is made possible, the data will automatically be processed and the visualization will be generated with the latest data.