Customer support before, during and after sales is key to the Automotive business to acquire and retain its customers and deliver a superior customer experience satisfaction with every interaction along with enabling a channel for customer data, profiling and feedback. AutoAssist is a service platform the enables relationship center integration, emergency assist in real time, breakdown assistance and validation that enables customer support process for Auto Enterprises

Customer validation

AutoAssist can be configured with the DMS to validate the authenticity of a customer.

Relationship centre Integration

AutoAssist can be configured with the Relationship Centre to enable Customer Executives to respond real time to stranded customers.

Emergency Assist

An SOS alerts the Relationship Centre, providing the customers real-time location information.

Alert to Chosen phone numbers

Customers will be able to send alerts to 5 emergency contact numbers in an emergency.

Assistance facilities

Direct contact with services required in case of an emergency.

AutoAssist adds value to your business through:

  1. Increased brand differentiation
  2. Rich customer data
  3. Superior ownership to customers
  4. Effective financial monitoring of RSA partners
  5. Technology enabler for service network
  6. Ensures a smooth insurance claim process


M&M is aiming to cater to the entire farm value chain

  1. Immediate assistance in time of emergency
  2. Notifications to emergency contacts
  3. Real-time location identification